11th Oct 2021

Learning Ember.js

  • The ember new command is used to start a new project before that you need to have installed the ember cli globally
  • The cli will help you download and setup all the starter files you need for your project which is neat πŸ˜„
  • The app folder is where you will be writing most of your code. Static files like fonts and images go in the public folder
  • Pages in ember.js are created in the app/templates directory with a .hbs extension. You can write normal html
  • After createing your page. You should add it to app/router.js by mapping through the router class. Below is an example of how to add a page called about. make sure to use the same name when creating your .hbs template.
Router.map(function () {
  this.route('contact', { path: '/getting-in-touch' });
  • Should you wish to give your page a different route from its file name then you can add an object as a second parameter with path set to your desired name.
  • Ember also has a LinkTo component used for client-side navigation.
<LinkTo @route="about">About</LinkTo>